Reducing Textile Waste

This year's theme of the event, which will be held by the European Waste Reduction Week, organized by EWWR, with the slogan "Waste is Out of Fashion", is "reducing textile waste". It is planned to participate in this event as HACETTEPE UNIVERSITY in the category of universities. The aim of the event, which is planned to be organized with the cooperation of our University's Sustainable Campuses Coordinator and Beytepe Student Dormitories, is to offer wearable but unused clothes for the use of people who can wear them, and in this way, to ensure the use of idle clothes and to meet the needs of students in need to a certain extent. Considering the sensitivity created during the Zero Waste studies carried out at our university and the population of Beytepe Campus, the support of all our staff is expected for this project, which will yield positive results.

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