It could be seen that various courses on sustainability are held regularly at Hacettepe University while aiming to raise this awareness among the students of the university. This awareness, which is tried to be instilled through education, is supported by various activities and services within the university, and the individual is encouraged to develop himself in this regard. At this point, these courses are one of the cases evaluated to emphasize the importance of the concept of sustainability for students who are directly involved in university life. To exemplify this situation, the chart and table below show that there are many courses, although there have been minor changes in their number during the last three years.

                                     Total Number of Courses/Subjects Offered in Hacettepe University in last 3 years                                                    Example courses in relation with sustainability (2021-2022 Spring and Fall Semesters)

The above list includes some of the courses that have been conducted in Hacettepe University to embed sustainability into the curriculum. There are 770 (both undergraduate and graduate courses) related courses with sustainability (environmental, economic, and/or social) and environment in the curriculum of Hacettepe University’s 24 different faculties, institutes, and other units.