Coordinator's Message

Climate change and environmental pollution are among the biggest problems we face today. This ecological problem brings with it social and economic problems. The effects of humanity on the world's coming to this state are quite large, and for this reason, people need to take part in the solution of this problem and take steps towards the sustainability of life in terms of ecological, economic and social aspects. The most important steps to be taken in this direction are the necessity of accepting environmental problems first, gaining awareness about the problems and then realizing solution-oriented initiatives. The world we live in is our living space and it must be protected without suffering irreversible damage. In the name of this problem, which is not only ecological and affects our lives in all aspects, Hacettepe University has established the Sustainable Campuses Coordinatorship to contribute to the awareness that the damage to the planet we live in threatens all living things in the world and to take precautions for our future. Considering the number of students, staff and visitors at Hacettepe University, it becomes an exemplary situation for the university to act with sustainability and environmental awareness, and it is aimed to make an effective contribution in this direction. In this sense, Hacettepe University Sustainable Campuses Coordinatorship aims to take and implement the necessary measures regarding climate change and environmental pollution. This coordinatorship, which was established in order to take action and make a contribution on the path set out with this intention, continues solution-oriented studies in all Hacettepe campuses. It aims to convey the Sustainable Development Goals and recycling approach, which came into force in 2016 in order to protect the environment and create a better tomorrow, to all Hacettepe residents and their guests. In order to realize these goals determined under the umbrella of sustainability, various topics are discussed and actions that can be taken based on these topics are planned. Being aware of the importance of being active on this path, our university creates targets and carries out action plans in the context of these goals.

Prof. Dr. Meltem Yılmaz