Green Campus Ranking 2022 (UI GreenMetric)

Hacettepe University was ranked 481 among 1050 universities worldwide in the “UI Greenmetric - Sustainable Campus” 2022 ranking, which it applied for the first time, and 42nd among 83 universities across Turkey. Click for the detailed report on Hacettepe University created by UI GreenMetric. 

As Hacettepe University, the rankings of Campus Area and Infrastructure, Transportation and Education & Research categories, which are leading in the UI Greenmetric 2022 ranking, in Turkey and around the world are as seen in the chart.


It was ranked 166th in the world and 23rd in Turkey in the category of "Campus Area and Infrastructure", one of the top categories of Hacettepe University. These rankings are obtained by taking into account the data under many headings such as forest and green areas, open areas and built environment ratios, richness and protection of flora and fauna (campus agriculture, etc.) has been done.

While Hacettepe University is the most successful category among the current rankings under the title "Campus Area and Infrastructure", which is ranked 166th in the world and 23rd in Turkey, "Transportation" is the second most successful category in which is ranked 208 in the world and 24th in Turkey.

The “Education & Research” category is another important category in which Hacettepe University ranks 232nd in the world and 19th in Turkey. Among the topics evaluated in this field and in which Hacettepe University stands out, there are courses on sustainability given at the university, academic studies and projects carried out in this direction, activities that include and integrate students, administrative and academic staff throughout the university, and educational studies, student societies, and initiatives in the field of sustainability. takes. With the data presented on these topics, the "Education & Research" category was the category in which Hacettepe University was the most successful in Turkey in general.